Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Duluth News Tribune endorses Tom Anzelc

The Duluth News Tribune has endorsed Tom Anzelc in the 2016 race for State Representative in District 5B. The region's largest newspaper recognized Anzelc's knowledge and insight in addressing the problems facing Northern Minnesota.

From the editorial:
Living on a tiny lake in a tiny township in ultra-rural Northeastern Minnesota while also working as an elected leader in big-city St. Paul, Rep. Tom Anzelc has a unique perspective on our economic reality, a viewpoint that well serves him and his constituents.

Residents of Minnesota House 5B, which covers Cass and a large portion of Itasca counties, can seize their opportunity Nov. 8 to re-elect Anzelc, DFL-Balsam Township, to continue to put his insight and his wealth of knowledge to work for them.

“Rural America has not recovered from the Great Recession (while) the Twin Cities metropolitan area (like other urban centers) is doing just fine,” Anzelc said at a News Tribune-sponsored candidate forum this month in the St. Louis County Courthouse in Virginia.

“Rural Minnesota (needs to) recapture what it had prior to the Great Recession. That means diversification, that means mining, (and) that  means forestry and everything in between. We don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing what jobs we’d like to have.”

In the name of jobs and prosperity, Anzelc remains committed to the environmental-review and mineral-exploration processes that are promising to give the region the PolyMet mine and, hopefully still, the Twin Metals project.

“We live in Northeastern Minnesota (and) its beautiful environment. It’s a beautiful place to live. But we need economic activity and development and jobs. We need to stop the declining enrollments in our public schools, in our communities,” Anzelc said. “Therefore, I believe that science, rather than politics, should guide us. The PolyMet project is on track. It is in the permitting stage. The science should be our guide. The permits should be issued. The science lines up with the development, and the project should go forward.

“With regard to Twin Metals,” Anzelc continued, “I believe Gov. (Mark) Dayton erred in his decision to stop drill core sampling in the area. ... He should have allowed that to occur.”

Anzelc’s top priority remains well-placed on education. He serves on the House Education Finance Committee.
“I know public education,” he said. “What we we need is additional funding for the special-education cross subsidy, we need additional funding for transportation sparsity for rural districts with huge transportation problems, and we need to reduce class sizes. Our commitment to kids is the number-one function of state government in Minnesota.”

That includes kids in college and making sure public universities remain affordable, he said.


A former teacher at Hibbing High School, Anzelc has been in the Legislature since 2006. He also served on the St. Louis County Board and is a current member of the IRRRB.

“My goal has been ... to represent all of the people regardless of where they live or whether they’re connected or not,” Anzelc said. “When I leave on the weekends to go back to St. Paul during the session, I think of the carpenter, the logger, the steelworker, the small-business person and, in particular, young families struggling to … make a good living in this wonderful place that we call northern Minnesota.”

That portion of northern Minnesota that encompasses Minnesota House District 5B can pick experience, knowledge and perspective by once again voting for Anzelc as their state representative.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tom Anzelc to seek re-election in 2016

(Feb. 18, 2016) — State Rep. Tom Anzelc (DFL-Balsam Township) announced he will seek another term in the Minnesota House of Representatives to serve the people of District 5B in Itasca and Cass counties. 

“This time feels different,” said Anzelc. “This time feels like our challenges are greater, the need to develop our economy and communities even more important. I feel I have a unique opportunity to help people. That’s why I’ve decided to seek another term.”

Anzelc’s main goal for the upcoming term is to bring economic diversification and growth to an area that badly needs it.

“This region has a historical dependence on our unique strengths,” said Anzelc. “We have forest products provided by sustainable logging, beautiful and clean lakes for tourism and recreation, and our vast mineral wealth and taconite production. These have served generations of families throughout the district.

“Yet I have been and will continue to focus on policies and legislation designed to diversify job opportunities for young families here so that they can continue to live here and enjoy our tremendous quality of life.”

Anzelc was first elected in 2006. His House committee assignments include K-12 Finance, Taxes, and Mining and Outdoor Recreation. He was recently elected chair of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.

“Having been around politics for a time, I have concluded that we need to change our emphasis. We need first class public schools and community colleges, livable towns and rural areas connected to broadband, clean air and clean water, and policies that encourage an entrepreneurial creativity and passion. Economic diversification is critical to the future of our area.”

Anzelc is a former high school social studies teacher, labor leader, and was part of the administration of former Gov. Rudy Perpich. He was born and raised in a mining location in eastern Itasca County.

“I live in rural Itasca County and enjoy our special Northern Minnesota style of living,” said Anzelc. “Hunting, fishing, being outside: that’s my way of life. I want these things to be available to everyone, forever.”

Anzelc will seek the endorsement of the House 5B DFL at its spring convention and carry his message to voters through the rest of the year.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tom Anzelc seeks re-election after successful term

Rep. Tom Anzelc is asking for another term as state representative for Itasca and Cass counties. A successful legislative session saw Anzelc win funding for major expansions to the Reif Center and Grand Rapids YMCA, and his efforts aided recent job growth at private companies like Magnetation. He was a leader in raising the minimum wage for people willing to work hard to provide for their families, while ensuring that constituents have access to proper health care and are able to maintain their constitutional rights and northern Minnesota traditions.

Anzelc was endorsed by the DFL party for another term. He filed for re-election in early June. He now faces the 2014 election with a sense of optimism and as an opportunity to talk about the future of northern Minnesota with voters.

"We got a lot done for northern Minnesota these last couple years," said Anzelc. "But I'm more interested in talking about what's left to do. We need to push for new kinds of economic growth. We need affordable college education. We don't want to strip people's health care away, or turn away new jobs by starving off communities. It's time to keep making progress. I happen to believe we live in the best part of northern Minnesota and I want to keep it strong."

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanks to the voters of District 5B!

Thank you!

I am honored to have been chosen by the people of northern Minnesota to serve in the legislature. Whether I earned your vote or not, I hope to serve all of the people of District 5B during the upcoming session. Please let me know how I can help.